Sunday, July 31, 2011

IE Browser Users Have Lower IQ

According to a report of a study, IQ or intelligence level of the user's browser Internet Explorer lower than those using Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The research report was revealed by a Canadian company, AptiQuant. They give an IQ test (Intelligence Quotient) to more than 100,000 people aged over 16 years and compare them. Grouping participants studied is based on the type of browser used by the user.

The report titled 'Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage' said, IE 6 users have an average IQ scores no more than 80. On the other side of the users of Firefox and Chrome is superior on it with an average of 110.

Who are the 'champions' of this intelligence test? Reporting from Mashable, Sunday (07/31/2011), Opera and Camino users have the highest score, ie an average of more than 120.

"In addition, test results have been compared with other studies conducted in 2006. This comparison indicates that in the last 5 years, those with high IQs, have switched from IE," the draft of AptiQuant.

AptiQuant, through the CEO Leonard Howard, explaining that the reports which they gather is not 'judge' of all who use IE's low-IQ. However, this study explains that those with low IQs will most likely be using Internet Explorer.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scientists Create Transparent Battery for Transparent iPhone

Scientists at Stanford University, California, United States (U.S.), try creating a lithium-ion battery-shaped thin sheet of highly flexible and transparent. He hopes his invention can be used to make transparent the iPhone.

Yi Cui and his team, inspired invisibility makes batteries for Apple's craved gadget transparent one day become a reality.

"I want to talk to Steve Jobs about this. I want an iPhone transparent!," Cui said that a battery of experts as well as professor of materials science at Stanford University.

Cui made ​​the battery along with one of his students Yuan Yang, who is first author of papers on lithium-ion batteries transparent.

"If something looks smaller than 50 microns, your eyes would like to see it appear transparent," Yang said as quoted by the LA Times, Saturday (07/30/2011).

He explained that the maximum power of the human eye sight in the range 50 to 100 microns. Yang and Cui create such a framework for battery electrodes, which every line of his 35-micron-sized width.

Because it is still in development, these batteries are still enhanced. For now, these batteries do not provide enough power for laptops, but it can be used for the camera. And Ciu optimistic, developed a battery that no longer can have a stronger power.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Future Cell Mobile Phone Technology

Mobile phones have undergone a huge revolution. Starting from a mere instrument of communication, entertainment, until now a computing device. Then what kind of cell phone technology is being developed Qualcomm?

Qualcomm itself is not new players in the communications industry. After considerable success with CDMA technology they developed, vendors from the United States began to expand into the chipset for the smart phone industry.

The sophistication of today's smart phones, such as online with 3G network capabilities, listen to the audio quality ciamik, to play games via mobile phones rock is part of their innovation. Well, it seems that Qualcomm has begun to develop new technologies for various types of mobile phones in the future.

"In the future mobile phones not only smarter, but also more personal. They can identify what it wants its users, including what they hate," explains Pete Lancia, Senior Director Marketting at the headquarters of Qualcomm, San Diego, United States, in the event Qualcomm Editors Day.

According to Lancia, phones today are no longer just a phone or texting device, but rather as a computational tool like a computer in your pocket ready to pamper its users.

"The function of mobile phones has changed, and now we are developing technology that makes cell phones can talk, hear, taste, smell and feel," added Lancia.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Smartphone Can Damage Eyes

New research suggests a smartphone can make quick eye damage. The study showed people who read a text message or internet browsing on smartphones tend to hold this powerful tool much closer than when reading books or newspapers, forcing the eye to work harder than usual.

According to research published in Optometry and Vision Science July issue of this, visibility is close coupled with a small font size on your smartphone, it could increase the burden on people who already wear glasses or lenses box.

"The fact a person who holds your smartphone at close range means that the eye has to work much harder to focus.'s Eyes must work harder to create symptoms such as headaches and eye strain," explained Dr. Mark Rosenfield, a professor at SUNY State College of Optometry in New York City, as reported by HealthDay, Monday (07/25/2011).

Dr. Rosenfield also said the SMS and web browsing on a smartphone can make dry eyes, discomfort and blurred vision after prolonged use. Previous studies also found that up to 90 percent of people who use computers have eye problems.

Dr. Rosenfield get an idea of ​​this research because often see people on the train that uses the smartphone is very close to their eyes. Given the growing number of adults and children who use smartphones to write and receive messages or search for restaurant reviews, it makes sense to measure exactly how close the people holding their phones.

This study is relatively simple. In the early stages, about 130 volunteers with an average age of 23.2 years were asked to hold the smartphone while reading text messages. In different experiments, 100 participants with an average age of 24.9 years, who were then asked to hold their smartphones when reading a web page. Researchers then measured the distance between the device and the eye as well as the size of letters used.

"When I read the text printed in newspapers, books and magazines, working distance of an average of nearly 16 inches (40 cm) from the eye, but the study volunteers who send text messages with a smartphone on average only about 14 inches (35.5 cm). In some people even as close as 7 inches (18 cm), "explained Dr. Rosenfield.

Meanwhile, when viewing a web page, the average working distance was 12.6 inches (32 cm).

"Font (letter) on the text messages tend to be slightly larger, averaging about 10 percent of the newspaper to print letters, but letters web page just 80 percent the size of newspaper print and in some cases even as small as 30 percent," said Rosenfield.

"But there are simple ways to addict smartphones to minimize eye strain, ie by increasing or enlarging the font size on your device," advises Dr.. Scott MacRae, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences who is also an eye surgeon at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This is the Advantages of Long Term Evolution LTE 4G Network

Cellular 4G Technology Long Term Evolution (LTE) touted to bring about significant changes in speed Internet access than previous generations. What is offered by 4G LTE?

"LTE networks could download a high-definition movie with about 15 minutes. Compare with HSPA which takes up to six hours," said Pratignyo A Budiman, GM of Strategic Technology Planning Telkomsel of Telkomsel Media Education in 2011 in Shenzen, China.

Pratignyo of exposure, it appears a significant difference between the LTE with previous technologies. There are a few things running smoothly is only possible thanks to LTE technology.

In addition to high quality video download, LTE can seamlessly run television on demand, high quality online games to video-based ads. This is because the access speed is great.

According Pratignyo, LTE can reach peak speeds up to 150Mbps. For comparison, the EDGE network only reach 256kbps, 384kbps UMTS, HSPA and HSPA + 14.4 Mbps 42Mbps.

For business web access and download any content LTE has huge advantages. Eg size 5MB download music only takes about 5 seconds. Compare with EDGE which takes up to 1 hour or HSPA + to 40 seconds.

With all the advantages, it seems to 4G LTE will benefit consumers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Video of Robot Band End Of Life EOL

This video robot assembly that is capable of playing or singing the songs of Marilyn Manson. I think this is very great. What do you think?


Robot Band Singing Marilyn Manson Song

Robot Band Singing Marilyn Manson Song

Increasingly, the ability of the robot more similar to humans. Even some of the tasks that are very 'human', with the sophistication of the technology could also be done by robots. Like this one, the robot appears as the band performed the song.

James Cochrane is from Toronto, Canada that assemble robot band called End of Life (EOL) this. With its deliberations, the Cochrane succeeded in presenting 'the power of music' produced by the robot.

You are fond of Marilyn Manson, definitely interested in seeing the appearance of EOL. The reason, one of the songs played by excellent by EOL is The Beautiful People's eccentric singer is, wow!

Quoted from Gadget Gizmos, Thursday (21/07/2011), this is not the first time Cochrane assembling robots that plays the music. Last year, he released a YouTube video featuring the band's other robots.

On the page the video, Cochrane said that a set of instruments used is controlled by a solenoid or metal material that can be pulled and stretched.

Almost the same as the previous robot band, all instruments played by EOL was controlled by a solenoid. But the instrument he uses this time a little more, namely an electric guitar, bass, drums and cello. All of this instrument is mechanically incorporated and programmed to play songs.

Watch the Video of Robot Band End Of Life (EOL)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lenovo Ready to Launch Three Newest Tablets

The Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo is launching three new tablets. Unmitigated, the release of three tablets at once to invade the global marketplace.

Prepared to face market competition is increasingly competitive tablet, Lenovo tablet comes in a variety of options. These tablets are there that use the operating system (OS) Windows 7 or Android with a price tag of more or less similar to the iPad.

Thus, Lenovo joined with other companies such as Samsung Electronics and the BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, in offering tablets to differentiate their product lines and seek new sources of profit.

Excerpted from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (21/07/2011), in March last Lenovo began selling the Android-based tablet in China. Lenovo intends to sell more mobile devices, including smartphones.

Third Lenovo tablet has a 10.1-inch touch screen size. However, each tablet intended for different segments. Tablets IdeaPad K1 targeting consumer segments, the ThinkPad Tablets intended for businesses, while the IdeaPad P1 intended for home users and offices. IdeaPad P1 using Windows 7 and two other tablets Android-based Honeycomb.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sasha Grey and Hulk Hogan in The Latest Saints Row Game Series

To enrich the game system, the latest series Saint Row games will be starring adult actress Sasha Grey and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. What are their roles?

THQ is working with game developer Volition called to work Saint Row series, The Third. This game tells the story of feuding mafia groups that occur in the virtual world of City of Stellport, said the city is a replica of Chicago.

In this game, THQ entrust Sasha Grey as Viola deWynter, the antagonist characters who make a living by trafficking in women and prostitution business. During the action of this character will be assisted by her twin sister.

Besides Grey, THQ also take advantage of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. This stout-bodied man would serve as a wrestler in The Third, which will indirectly dealing with deWynter.

Quoted from kotaku, on Wednesday (20/07/2011), Saint Row series will begin on display at Comic-Con event in San Diego, United States 21 to 24 July 2011. Secondly it was going to star in attendance representing each character.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sony Begin to Test New Gaming Device

Sony claimed to have been testing new gaming devices they are developing. When viewed from the concept of play are offered, the product is likely to bring a new style of game.

The device does not yet have an official name, but its shape resembles a large-sized eye glasses complete with screens Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) capable of displaying high-resolution images in three dimensions.

"We do have a new device to be placed on the head that had we display at the Consumer Electronics Show," Mick Hocking, Senior Director at Sony Worldwide Studios, as quoted from the develop-online Tuesday (07/19/2011).

Hocking added that the devices are still in the prototype model has two OLED screens for each eye. It also will be added motion sensors that can recognize the user's head.

The technology is reportedly going to be adopted for some types of games, such as First Person Shooter (FPS). Can already imagine what this game will be.

"I can tell, the research and development that we did was fantastic. We are currently experimenting with some virtual reality game from Sony," said Hocking.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The quality of AMD graphics on Xbox 720 will be as good as Avatar Movie

AMD will strengthen its latest-generation Xbox with their technology, and claimed to be as beautiful  quality appearance made ​​by James Cameron film Avatar.

Until now it has been no technological Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) capable of displaying high quality graphics such as Avatars in real time, not even once did the fastest graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD.

However, Neal Robison as Director of ISV relationships than AMD claimed that they could make it through the latest generation of Xbox. The technology in it is able to render graphics like in the movie Avatar.

Excerpted from the Examiner on Monday (7/18/2011), AMD is also eager to make every game on the latest Xbox will look more alive. Architecture in it allows for the Non-playable Character (NPC) can act alone.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly sophisticated, each character can act according to circumstances, without instructions from the player.

AMD claims that it can not be substantiated, moreover, there has been no official statement from Microsoft regarding the specifications of next-generation Xbox. And it is not impossible, Nvidia prepares a rival technology to the PlayStation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gaming Smartphone by Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is smartphone specially dedicated to playing games. Not just a matter of  hardware, gaming content ecosystem also worked seriously claimed by Sony Ericsson.

In addition to seven games already available on the Xperia Play, users can also download a variety of games that are optimized for the handset. Claimed, hundreds of games optimized for the Xperia Play and is available in the Android Market.

"All the games can be downloaded via the Xperia Play launcher, applications that can be activated by opening the gamepad," said Djunaidi Satrio, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Xperia Play at the launch of Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday afternoon (7/25/2011).

Xperia Play Launcher is recommended games and lets consumers search for game titles that are optimized for the Xperia Play. Some games are free but some are paid. For gaming transactions can be paid by credit card.

Sony Ericsson is working with various game developers. Among Gameloft already provides 15 titles game for the Xperia Play.

The title game is already present in the cell phone is FIFA 10, Madden 11, The Sims 3, Star Battalion, Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior, Crash Bandicoot and Asphalt 6. Other games can be downloaded include Guns n Glory, Assassin's Creed Altair's Chronicles to Splinter Cell.

BlackBerry TV Challenges the Apple and Google TV?

The power of Research In Motion (RIM) appears to be more complete with the presence of  this one  product. RIM reportedly makes the device called the BlackBerry TV which will also  nliven  the realm of  digital  TV.

RIM wanted to bring more content than through smartphones and internet tablets. Thus, digital TV devices that display the content on a larger screen to answer.

Although RIM has not confirmed its truth by itself, as quoted from Slashgear, Friday (15/07/2011), this device is touted to compete with Apple TV and Google TV.

But unlike Apple TV and Google TV that target domestic consumers, RIM's devices will be aimed at the enterprise. Citing internal sources who declined to be named RIM, BlackBerry TVs will use QNX software.

The features contained on the BlackBerry TV namely BlackBerry Presenter, namely accessory that allows BlackBerry smartphone users send their PowerPoint presentations wirelessly to the TV.

To date, there has been no more information about the detailed specifications BlackBerry TV. To be sure his presence would disturb plans Apple TV and Google TV.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google has just released the  latest version of Android  Market.  The online store with  more than 100 thousand applications  is now easier for users to find what they want.

"You'll feel good knowing we have revolutionized the Android Market to make it faster, easier, and fun in finding applications, movies and books that are interesting," Google wrote in his blog post.

Quoted from TG Daily, Friday (07/15/2011), the change : Google is creating more space to display some of the most interesting content in a week on the home page.

"We added more items that top the chart with more new and relevant and we make users easier to swipe across this chart while browsing in the store application. Google has also introduced a new collection of compelling content such as staff picks and editors' choice apps," explains Google.

This update does Google after a lot of users who show discontent over the previous Android Market. Although a leader in online search, but Google let third-party applications store takes over and stepped over it.

For example, Amazon has its own application store for Android that is Amazon's AppStore. Giant online retailer Amazon is so aggressively introduce the AppStore and managed to convince a number of publishers releasing their applications mobile content exclusively through the application store.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Foxconn will Open the Own Apple Store

Foxconn - Factory assembly of the iPhone, iPod and iPad - plans to open its own shop in China. This store will be selling Apple products  they made.

Citing a report from Economic Daily News, Bloomberg reported that their stores will be opened by Cybermart International, a business unit of the parent company of Foxconn, Ho Hai Precision Industry. This report has also been confirmed by the Director of the International Cybermart Steve Chang.

Cybermart which currently runs 34 retail outlets in China claimed to have obtained permission to become an official reseller of Apple products since January this year. This partnership is perceived to be very beneficial to both.

Reported by Bloomberg, on Wednesday (07/13/2011), Apple products skyrocketed in popularity in China since Apple opened a store in Beijing in 2008. Cybermart who plans to open eight new stores this year, touted the potential to open more than 500 stores selling Apple products in China until next year.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Optimus Pro C660, Unique Android from LG

LG preparing to introduce mobile phone with a different taste form from  their previous row Android smartphone. South Korean manufacturer LG will present Optimus Pro C660.

Optimus Pro has a screen width of 2.8 inch touch-portrait and a full physical qwerty keyboard underneath. The shape is something like the Motorola Droid Pro or Samsung Replenish.

As quoted from UnwiredView, Tuesday (07/12/2011), Optimus Pro running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Supporting features such as Wi Fi, GPS, 3 megapixel camera and 1500 mAh battery.

Currently, the phone is said to already be booked in Italy with a price around 179 Euros.

With the price, the Optimus Pro targeting the middle class market. In addition to Italy, not yet clear in which countries Optimus Pro will be marketed. However, predicted would soon be visited various parts of the world.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Game in 2011

Year 2011 is not over, but within 6 months has been quite a lot of interesting games to be played. This is the best Games 2011 version of ReviewEverywhere.Blogspot.Com :

1. Killzone 3
Although not as good as Killzone 2, but this series is quite successful in the market. Very good graphics, storyline coupled with full-color liner in the world. Thus, Killzone 3 has been named as one of the best FPS games.

2. Dead Space 2
This is a creepy FPS game with extraordinary action oriented. Although not much improvement from the previous series, but the main story that highlighted the character makes this game worth playing.

3. Mortal Kombat
You could say this is the best series of all Mortal Kombat games ever released. Mortal Kombat 2011 is indeed a very different look thanks to several modes such as Challenge Tower fights, Tag Team Matches and Extremely Gory Fatality System.

4. L.A. Noire
It has been named as one of the game that takes the biggest funds in the manufacturing process. Even though Rockstar's effort to develop this game is not in vain, many observers gaming sites praising all aspects in it.

5. Total War: Shogun 2
No doubt again if the Total War series of strategy games often bring amazing. Through Shogun 2, this game offers a battle in Japan complete with the attributes of the knight was featured in three-dimensional graphics.

6. Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Witcher 2 is indeed games designed for upper middle-class PCs. Game developer is promoting the quality of graphics, as well as systems Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly refined. No wonder so many gaming  sites observers  gave a 9 out of  10 for this game.

Friday, July 8, 2011

HTC Sensation Product Review

HTC has finally released their first Android phone  already  uses two-core processor, Sensation. This product is not only powerful, but also has an enchanting appearance. Let's review one by one.

Design and Interface
Initial grasp of this phone, we enamored with the look of the entire surface, fairly thin but comfortable grip. No doubt a solid impression reinforced by the combination of aluminum and plastic materials in the back.

In HTC Sensation is not a lot of physical buttons attached. There is no menu or the like, not even dedicated camera keys, only volume and power buttons at the top.

HTC Sensation has dimensions of 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Quite large indeed, but not difficult menggengamnya users in one hand. The form that carries no angle also managed to hide a big impression on this phone.

For interfaces, this phone has been carrying the HTC Sense version 3.0, so it is very different from that of previous HTC products.

Animated home screen movement in it looks interesting, maybe because the HTC Sense 3.0 already take advantage of GPU performance for each animation.

There are some additional shortcuts in the Sensation that no other HTC phones. Eg 4 applications of existing shortcut on the lock screen, and these are all tailored to the needs of users.

Given further into the interior. HTC also provides direct the Quick Settings menu located next to the bar notification. Its contents, some settings like turn on Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Mobile Network, and the new is the Task Manager to close unused applications.

The entire application on the HTC Sensastion can be displayed in three categories: the entire application, frequently used applications, and third-party applications that users downloaded. In addition other view is not much different from other HTC phones.

High Class Specifications
HTC Sensastion was spelled carries a very high specification. For processors, are already using Qualcomm's Snapdragon MSM 8260 dual core 1.2 Ghz, 768 MB RAM memory, GPU Adreno 220, and an 8MP camera. But unfortunately, only 1GB of storage capacity.

To find out just how tough this phone to process heavy applications, we tested through several benchmark applications such as Quadrant AnTuTu Benchmark v1.1.7 and v2.0.1. The result?

On the application AnTuTu Benchmark Sensation HTC managed to carve figures of 4550, while on the Quadrant only get 2173. Not the fastest in its class indeed, but quite tough devour even the heaviest applications. For the record, Quadrant application does not recognize specs of this phone well .

Camera and Audio Quality
HTC Sensation has a major 8MP camera in the back that are capable of shooting images at a resolution of 3264x2448 pixels, equipped with autofocus and LED flash light for two more brilliant picture. While the front there is a small camera resolution 640X480 pixels.

Shots of this phone outside the room look good and fast, but unfortunately the picture look less sharp. But if it is used for recording video, the result is very good at a resolution of 1080p @ 30fps.

To-quality sound, do not expect much on the internal speaker output because it is not designed for music but when heard through headphones or speakers, wuihh .. dentumannya loud sounds. As a support to the phone also has support SRS technology.

Battery Power
Dual core dizzy pretty much identical to the wasteful consumption of the battery, then what about the HTC Sensation?

First, we use this phone as the second gadget, which means only use limited to browsing, email, social networking and the other without a phone call or SMS. And it turns out, this phone can survive 21 hours with a 3G connection that is always online.

And second, we use as the primary phone for use as needed daily. The results are pretty much adrift, HTC Sensation only lasted about 10 hours.

In conclusion, HTC Sensation does offer all the features that are rare on phones in its class, ranging from the elegant compact design to a number of interesting features. The phone is also priced at a fairly reasonable price, USD 5.5 million. Interested in having?

The advantages:
+ High performance
+ High screen resolution
+ Design pulled

- Small internal memory
- Battery wasteful

* Operating system: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
* CPU: Qualcomm MSM 8260 dual core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon
* Memory: 768MB RAM and 1GB ROM
* Screen: 4.3 inch, S-LCD 540X960 pixels
* Dimensions: 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm
* Weight: 148gr
* Camera: 8MP 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash,
* Battery: Li-Ion 1520 mAh

Thursday, July 7, 2011

HTC Use VIA Technologies Graphics Cards

Formally, VIA said it has sold Graphics chip technology Processing Unit (GPU) S3 to HTC, this agreement takes the funds of USD 300 million.

S3 graphics card with the chip itself has initiated VIA long enough, the chip of this type could rule on multiple devices 2D graphics processing industries. After feeling pretty successful on that platform, the VIA try to enter the PC with the Radeon and GeForce series challenging, but unfortunately does not run smoothly.

Although not quite successful in the classroom desktop computers, but the S3 GPU technology was ogled by Apple. The proof, some time ago Apple is penalized because it proved to diversion of one of these chip technologies that have been patented, S3TC.

Quoted from hothardware, Friday (7/8/2011), HTC seems to be using the S3 chip technology to strengthen their phones. Moreover the chip is claimed to be mighty kind to handheld devices, and friendly with the application developers.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nokia Launches Smartphone Nokia 700 Zeta

Nokia 700 Zeta
Not to be outdone by its rival vendors, Nokia again preparing to launch its newest smart phone . Leaked photos Nokia 700, dubbed Zeta, has surfaced.

According to news develops, Nokia Zeta will use the Symbian operating system Belle. While the processor was carrying was 1 GHz.

Zeta-tech Nokia AMOLED screen with 3.2 inch wide. Then there are features of NFC (Near Field Communication) as well as resolution 5-megapixel camera with LED flash.

Belle Symbian itself is an Symbian update from Anna. In addition to Zeta Nokia, Symbian Belle reportedly also be used in several other handsets that Nokia will be issued.

Chances are, Nokia Zeta will be one of the thinnest mobile phones among other Nokia phone line. Similarly, as reported by Cnet, on Thursday (07/07/2011).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toshiba Releases World's First Glasses Free 3D Laptops

Technology screen 3-dimensional (3D) became the new flagship of the company's technology.  Toshiba  did not  want to miss  explores  new innovations  in the form of the first 3D  laptop  that can be witnessed without the aid of glasses.

Toshiba Qosmio 3D F750 touted as the world's first portable computer to its 3D view can be seen with the naked eye. Laptop-based operating system Windows 7 is on sale from August in some areas at a price of about 1,300 pounds, or in the range of USD 17.8 million.

Qosmio 3D F750 has 15.6-inch landscape display. Intel Core i7 processors to use Huron Sandy Bridge and Support Full HD HD (1366x768-pixel) video playback. Laptops are also intended for the gamer has a Blu-ray drive, graphics chip Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2GB and Harman Kardon speakers.

So far, 3D laptops that have been commercialized by several vendors still rely on the help of active 3D glasses. Presumably, there is no laptop on the market of free 3D glasses to the presence of this Qosmio.

Existing technology in the Qosmio F750 wear 3D lenticular screen, which sends images of impressions distinct in the right eye and left the user with the help of a webcam to detect movement of the eye. This creates a 3D effect.

Optimal position to be able to enjoy the 3D display in the laptop is about 60 cm from the screen. Similarly, as reported by PC Advisor, on Wednesday (06/07/2011).

Google Will Rename Picasa and Blogger

Two popular service owned by Google, Picasa and Blogger will soon disappear. Not that Google remove them, but because the Internet giant  wants to 'throw' the name of the product to be renamed.

Picasa and Blogger that have been renamed, will remain a key component of Google family of products. Such information is quoted from PC World, on Wednesday (07/06/2011).

Rebranding Picasa and Blogger is reportedly part of Google new strategy in introducing Google +, where several products that do not use Google's name was retired and replaced with names that include Google's behalf.

According to Mashable reports, six weeks away, the image editing service and the popular blogging platform will be renamed Google Photos and Google Blogs. But Google itself would not comment when questioned about this rebranding plan.

Google's decision is quite reasonable, considering the users of both services is generally less ngeh that the services they use are Google products. Well, the integration of Picasa and Blogger to Google + is expected to be the answer.

Playstation 4 Will Be Launched at 2012

As part of competitive strategy in  the face  of new  consoles  including the Wii  U of Nintendo, Sony plans to begin producing  the new generation gaming device later this year.

PC Mag Wednesday (06/07/2011) reports, Sony's latest console is touted as a PlayStation 4 or PS4 will start shipping in 2012.

This news was first blown by DigiTimes, the Taiwanese media to review the technology components of the gadget industry. DigiTimes reports said, the console will be based motion controllers such as Microsoft Kinect and components will be made by Foxconn and Pegatron Technology.

Initially, officials estimated the Sony PS3 will last up to ten years. But lately, they began to doubt these estimates. They assume, at the latest PS3 can last for at least eight years.

On the other hand, during the Sony maintains PS3, Nintendo as its largest competitor has announced a new gaming device, Wii U which will start shipping in 2012.

April, Sony announced it had sold 50 million units of PS3. For now, companies from Japan's central focus of improving the ability of the PlayStation handheld gaming devices Vita.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II Sold Every 1.5 Seconds

Galaxy S II
Galaxy S II scored sweet story for Samsung. 2.3 Gingerbread Android-based smartphone is becoming  the fastest selling mobile phones in the sales history of the South Korean manufacturer.

In just 55 days since its inaugural sale, Samsung claims the Galaxy II has sold exceeded 3 million units. It's 30 days faster than the Galaxy's first version to achieve the same sales.

According to Samsung, the number is equal to one phone Galaxy II sold every 1.5 seconds since its launch in April. Quoted from PCMag, Monday (07/04/2011), higher sales mainly donated in the European region.

In England, the Galaxy S II became the best selling mobile phones. Likewise in other countries such as Austria and Switzerland where the mobile phone market share has exceeded 30%.

Potentially increasing sales surged as Galaxy II has not been sold in one of the key markets, namely the United States. Reportedly, this new phone will go into the land of Uncle Sam at the end of July.

Similarly, in various countries such as Indonesia, Galaxy S II will be marketed. It may be a target S Galaxy II is projected through the sale of 10 million units achieved in a short time.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

3D Visual Technology at Intel Sandy Bridge

The second generation of Intel Core processors or who is often dubbed  as Sandy Bridge brings a number of  excellent features. Among the sectors of the visual display that is claimed to be better, including the content display  three  dimensions.

Second-generation Intel Core integrate visual technologies that are planted directly into the processor. Among other features such as Quick Sync Video, HD Graphics, until InTru 3D.

"This makes video editing QuickSync run faster," said David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Intel Indonesia in limited media gathering on Friday (07/01/2011) afternoon.

While Intel HD Graphics are now planted directly in the processor. This integration means low latency and provide the gaming experience as well as 3-D viewing experience better.

Then Intel Wireless Display feature lets users enjoy all the personal and online content on a larger screen, for example television. This is done through a simple wireless connection.

There are also 3D InTru to watch visually smoother than the PC. Users can watch your favorite 3D movies with Blu ray 3D Stereo 3D glasses on. This technology is also able to present it in a resolution of 1080p high definition television via HDMI 1.4.

Other features include Intel Clear Video HD which enables multimedia experience with better image thanks to the optimization of high-resolution video playback. Meanwhile, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions provide extra computing power to application developers.

"Features such features found in Intel Core i3, i5 and i7," said David.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Asus G74S For High Class Gamer Laptop Review

Asus G74S, is the latest variant of the family of the Republic of Gamers that is intended for the gaming enthusiast. So no wonder, if this product is reinforced with top-class specifications.

Despite carrying the advanced spec, but the product in this class do not usually give priority to the display. Call it the appearance of large, heavy, with colors that seem stiff.

Shown Large and Sturdy
Talk about the display, Asus G74S does have a large enough size. 17.3-inch screen size 1920 X 1080p resolution, weighing nearly 4kg including battery 8 cell 5200mAh Li-Ion battery that drives his life.

All parts of the body color of the product is wrapped with black, with the Asus logo on the top that looks so shiny. The combination of the right, to give the impression of elegance.

In addition, this notebook also has a hinge made ​​from aluminum of other metal materials combined edge section to give a solid impression. That is what led to this notebook feels heavy, but strong enough to accompany gamers.

Asus Notebook G74S is not only optimal for gaming. This product is equipped with a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port, and a brilliant screen that adds pleasure when watching High Definition (HD).

High Class Specifications
Asus G74S has the innards that spelled out pretty awesome. Intel Core i7 processor 2630QM 4 cores 8 threads running at a speed of 2GHz, while the chipset is reinforced by the Mobile Intel Express HM65. Strong enough to play all the latest games.

Gamers also need not worry about going out of memory. Because, Asus G74S has 16GB of DDR3 1333 MHz RAM that is optimized with wondows 7 64bit. As for the graphics card of this product have a Nvidia GeForce 500 series with a capacity of 3GB DDR5 GPU GF116. So how about performance?

Tests performed using application 3DMark vantage detikINET product is able to carve the figure of 41,283 for 7893 for the CPU and GPU, overalls reach 9893 in Performance mode.

To play some gamers like Bulletstrom or Spiderman Shattered Dimensions of this product is still very easy to handle, but when trying to play COD: Black Ops at a resolution of 1920 X 1080 3D mode this notebook looks a bit overwhelmed.

But the regrettable is the sound quality dimiliknya. There was a 'sober' enough without the bass boom, or a high tone of detail, all standard. Though innards diusungnya already very sophisticated.

More and Real with 3D Display
In addition to a robust physique, upper-class specifications, there are other things that are very interesting from Asus G74S, which is capable of displaying images in three dimensions. This is one feature of the Nvidia 3D Vision.

To enjoy these features, users are required to wear special glasses and also some applications that support. Until now there were hundreds of game titles, movies, and even 3D images that support the Vision.

The result? Simply amazing. Images as if he wanted out of the monitor, just like the 3D technology used in theaters. Just because it uses active glasses, it will show symptoms of flicker when dirungan filled lamp.

Judging from the spec, features, and the price of $ 2309 or about USD 19.7 million so obviously if this product is targeting the deep-pocketed gamers. Interested in having them?

+ Spesifkasi upscale
+ 3D Support
Picture + brilliant
Body + solid

- Weight
- Sound is not good