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Maximum speed of the Intel Core i7 3960X is 5.2 GHz


Intel Core i7 3960X Maximum Speed is 5.2 GHz

The fastest Intel processors, Core i7 3960X, it still can be driven faster. From the standard speed of 3.3 GHz, the processor can still be lauched up to speed 5.2 GHz.

This figure is obtained by one of the kingpins overclocking forum and quoted from Fudzilla, Friday (11/18/2011).

In these tests, the overclockers use liquid nitrogen cooling, GeForce GTX 580 and Corsair Dominator GT 16 GB. The result?

Having driven up to 5.2 GHz computer managed to carve figures of X9609 in 3DMark 11 and 5505,274 in the benchmark Unigine Heaven. It was a fantastic figure.

The maximum speed obtained by the Core i7 3960X is not the fastest , previously, Andre who had changed the AMD FX-8150 from the standard speed of 3.6 GHz to 8.58 GHz. But both claimed different methods.

To reach the 8.58 GHz, Andre had to 'turn off' a number of cores, of which there are 8 cores only 2 are activated. While Core i7 3960X, although only reached 5.2 GHz but the whole core has (6 cores, 12 threads) running simultaneously, thus producing more power.

Intel Core i7, Kecepatan dan Performanya Paling Canggih

Intel telah mengeluarkan mikroprosesor desktop generasi barunya, Core i7 ( Nehalem). CPU baru ini lebih cepat dibandingkan Core 2 Duo, bahkan dinobatkan sebagai CPU tercepat yang ada saat ini.
Core i7 diluncurkan dalam tiga versi quad-core untuk menyasar tiga segmen pasar PC desktop yang berbeda. Yang pertama adalah model dasar 920 (2,66GHz) dengan harga resmi US$ 286. Model kedua adalah 940 2,93GHz dengan harga US$ 562, sedangkan model ketiga adalah 965 Extreme Edition 3,2GHz dengan harga US$ 999.
Harga Core i7 memang tidak murah. Namun jika Anda ingin merakit PC dengan sistem Core i7, Anda memang harus membayar mahal. Untuk sistem, pilihan Anda saat ini masih terbatas pada motherboard dengan chipset Intel X58 (dengan ICH10 southbridge) dan memori DDR3. Harga keduanya pun belum murah.
Namun prosesor baru ini menawarkan beberapa fitur baru, antara lain kendali memori yang terintegrasi dan moda Turbo baru. Hyperthreading juga muncul kembali, menambahkan empat inti virtual ke empat inti fisik yang ada di CPU Core i7.
Moda Turbo, yang disebut Dynamic Speed Technology, memungkinkan CPU untuk mematikan inti dan meningkatkan clock speed, yang bisa bermanfaat pada aplikasi-aplikasi lama yang membutuhkan megahertz lebih, bukan inti yang lebih banyak. Pada aplikasi muti-threaded, CPU akan menyeimbangkan beban di semua inti.
CPU baru ini memiliki 731 juta transistor dalam satu die berukuran 263 milimeter persegi. Semua prosesor Core i7 dirancang pada daya desain thermal 130 watt. Antarmuka Quick Path Interconnect menyediakan bandwidth 19,2 gigatransfer pre detik pada model 920 dan 940, dan 25,6 gigatransfer pada model Extreme Edition.
Intel Core i7 64-bit x86-64 prosesor dengan menggunakan Nehalem , Westmere , dan Sandy Bridge microarchitectures .  Core i7 merek adalah ditargetkan pada pasar konsumen high-end dan bisnis baik untuk komputer desktop dan laptop, dan dibedakan dari i3 Core (-tingkat konsumen entry), Core i5 (konsumen mainstream) dan Xeon (server) merek.
Dalam setiap dari tiga generasi pertama mikroarsitektur dari merek, Core i7 memiliki anggota keluarga menggunakan dua arsitektur sistem yang berbeda tingkat, dan karena itu dua soket yang berbeda.  Dalam setiap generasi, yang berkinerja tertinggi Core i7 menggunakan soket yang sama dan QPI berdasarkan arsitektur-sebagai akhir Xeon prosesor-generasi yang rendah, sedangkan yang lebih rendah dengan performa Core i7 menggunakan soket yang sama dan PCIe / DMI / arsitektur FDI sebagai Core i5.
“Core i7″ adalah penerus Intel Core 2 merek.  Core i7 pengidentifikasi pertama kali diterapkan pada awal keluarga prosesor  CODEC Bloomfield diperkenalkan pada tahun 2008 . Pada tahun 2009 nama diterapkan untuk Lynnfield dan Clarksfield model. Sebelum 2010, semua model adalah prosesor quad-core. Pada tahun 2010, nama diterapkan untuk dual-core Arrandale model, dan Gulftown i7-980X Extreme Core yang memiliki enam hyperthreaded core.  Pada bulan Januari 2011, Intel merilis sebuah garis Sandy Bridge chip berbasis di bawah merek Core i7.
Perwakilan Intel menyatakan bahwa moniker Core i7 dimaksudkan untuk membantu konsumen memutuskan untuk membeli prosesor sebagai produk berbasis Nehalem yang lebih baru dirilis di masa depan. Nama melanjutkan penggunaan Intel Core merek.  Yang pertama Core i7 secara resmi diluncurkan pada tanggal 17 Nopember 2008.
Prosesor Core
Core i7 dirilis awal adalah codename Bloomfield , dicap sebagai Core i7-9xx bersama dengan mereka Xeon 3500-series rekan-rekan.  Pada 2009, mereka-end Intel Desktop prosesor yang tinggi, berbagi Socket 1366 platform dengan prosesor server dan dual-prosesor tunggal.
Lynnfield adalah prosesor kedua yang dijual di bawah merek Core i7, sementara pada saat yang sama yang dijual sebagai Core i5 .  Tidak seperti Bloomfield, itu tidak memiliki QPI antarmuka tetapi langsung menghubungkan ke Southbridge menggunakan 2.5 GT / s Direct Media Interface dan ke perangkat lain yang menggunakan PCI Express link dalam Surat Socket 1156 . Core i7 berdasarkan Lynnfield memiliki Hyper-Threading , yang dinonaktifkan dalam Lynnfield berbasis prosesor Core i5.
Clarksfield adalah versi mobile dari Lynnfield dan tersedia di bawah merek Core i7 Mobile, sebagai bagian dari platform Calpella. Ini dirilis pada Intel Developer Forum pada tanggal 23 September 2009.
Core i7 Keluarga prosesor ini Arrandale , dijual sebagai i7-6xx prosesor Core dan menampilkan terpadu graphics processing unit namun hanya dua core prosesor, setengah dari Clarksfield. Clarkdale , versi desktop Arrandale, tidak akan dijual sebagai Core i7 , tetapi hanya sebagai i3 Core dan Core i5 . Semua dukungan Intel Hyper Threading (HT).

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Nook Tablet Computer Ready to compete with the Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble Inc. actions taken to answer the Amazon rivals who first launched the tablet computer. Today, America's largest bookstore is also jump on this market.

Nook Tablet is any device that is already available via pre-order and will be shipped in stores Barnes & Noble and retailer-retailer. It costs about $ 50 more expensive than Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Then what about specifics? Claimed by chif executive William Lynch that the price is more expensive it offers experience a faster and smoother when reading books, playing games or watching movies.

Nook Tablet armed with storage of 16 GB and 1 GB of RAM. For comparison, the Kindle has a Fire 'cabinet' smaller of 8 GB and 512 MB of RAM.

Excerpted from the LATimes, Thursday (11.08.2011), Nook Tablet promised battery life is longer ie up to 11.5 hours, is more durable than the Kindle Fire that has a resistance of up to 8 hours.

Regarding the operating system, the second device and the Kindle Fire Gingerbread Nook use the Android OS and connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi without offering 3G or 4G. Both also have a cloud-based storage.

If the Kindle Fire offers abundant content, then Barnes & Noble focused on reading digital content. As for music content, TV show and movies, they give it to service providers such as Netflix, Hulu and Pandora are already pre-installed on a Tablet Nook.

"Fire is a machine sells Kindle for Amazon, being Nook Tablet allows users to get music and video from any source they like," said Lynch.

As quoted from the LATimes, Tuesday (11.08.2011), Nook Tablet will be launched on 17 November with a price tag to USD 249.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg, Rank 9th in The World's Most Powerful People

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg became one of the most powerful figure in the world. In the list of 'The World's Most Powerful People' version of the Forbes, Zuckerberg sits at 9th rank.

This annual ranking include big names in politics, celebrities, religious leaders, billionaires, and others. And this year, at the age of just turned 27, Zuckerberg has been coupled with other influential figures who had long been poor across their respective fields.

Yes, Zuckerberg became the youngest person on the list. He was also a 'jumping' the highest in the Forbes list. Quoted from ZDNet, Sunday (6/11/2011), he jumped from position 40 in the year 2010. Forbes estimates his net worth had reached USD 17.5 billion.

A number of factors measured by Forbes to get the names such as how many people who are under their authority, financial resources and how active they are using their authority. Of the names collected, U.S. President Barack Obama became number 1 in the Forbes list.

While other technology actors who fill out the list of 'The World's Most Powerful People "in addition to Zuckerberg is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates is sitting at number 5. Then there is the Google duo Sergey Brin and Larry Page (30), CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos (40), CEO of Baidu, Robin Li (42) and CEO of Apple, Tim Cook (58).

For Zuckerberg himself, Forbes said, "What the CIA failed to do in 60 years, Zuck has been done in 7 years. Understand what to think, read and listened to by 800 million people. What are they like, where they lived, traveled to shopping, "Forbes said in a statement.

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Tips How to Transfer or Move the Video to Mobile Phone

Nowadays, videos is easy to get, either from the result of browsing the web or directly downloaded from video providers like YouTube. And not be as familiar as the downloaded video we move into the mobile phone or cell phone in order to facilitate us in playing or just want to save it. But it is not impossible that we download the video file can not be played on mobile phones, because the ability of mobile phones is much lower compared with the computer in terms of player that is provided. Therefore, before we move or transfer video to mobile phones is useful to do some adjustments, so the video can be played on mobile phones. In this article, I will give some Tips How to Transfer or Move the Video to Mobile Phone.

To be enjoyed via mobile phone, you must convert the video, according to the spec videos that can be played on your mobile phone. Resolution, as well as video formats such as 3GP, MP4, or the other.

Video 3GP produce a more opaque picture and sound bad but a smaller size so that more memory efficient. MP4 Video produces images that are clearer and louder sound but the video format MP4 memory tends to be more wasteful than 3GP.

In any video converter software, you will find some of the following basic settings:

Common Resolution mobile video is 176 × 144, 3GP or MP4 format. If the small screen then just 128 × 96. mobile phone screen is larger then a good resolution is 320 × 240. Well, if we set the resolution exceeds the maximum resolution that can be supported by mobile phone then it will fail to play the video or just sound it out.

Bit Rate
This is what determines the quality of the video phone, the smaller the value the more the quality is bad. Generally, the video bit rate in the HP range 56-80kbps for a resolution of 128 × 96, 80-160kbps to 176 × 144, and 160-512kbps for a resolution of 320 × 240.

Just set the bit rate value in accordance with the above. The value is too high bit rate besides consuming a lot of memory, can also occur when the possibility of playing video jams.

Frame Rate
Frame Rate for video mobile phones ranges from 7-25 fps. The greater the frame rate, the more subtle movements of objects in the video. It is recommended to use 20 fps just remember some phone models only support a maximum of 20fps. If you are unsure, set auto is the best way.

Audio Settings
For 3GP, AMR typically uses audio bitrate with some setting. 12.2 kbps is the highest quality setting so that the voice on the video was clear.

For use the MP4 AAC audio. AAC is much better quality than AMR. Settings bitrate of 56 kbps and 44100 Hz sample rate can produce a loud sound and good.

Maybe that's just the basic information you need to know about transferring or moving video to mobile phones. Try to experiment with various settings and compare the quality. From there you can decide what is appropriate video quality and can be played properly on your mobile phone.

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Acer Aspire S3 Review

Photo By : Detikinet
Anyone who just saw the look of the Acer Aspire S3 would be tempted to form a slim, unique design, and colors that reinforce the impression of exclusivity. Then how it performs?

Acer Aspire S3 Review
Acer Aspire S3 is claimed as the first ultrabook available on the market. In accordance with its kind, this product is a candidate sleek design, easy to use, until the battery life on average.

But the first impression when I saw this product is, it looks similar to Apple's Macbook Air. Neither of the body design, the keyboard, to mix the colors used. However, when tested further, of course they are different.

Tempting Display
No doubt if Acer Aspire S3 has a seductive look. All parts of his body wrapped in aluminum alloy material which proved strong, lightweight, and works provide a premium image for products that use them.

Portable computer is also very thin. When closed thickness no more than a 1 TB external hard drive to date. Even so, weighs only 1.35 kg lighter as well, a bit heavier than most 10.1-inch sized netbook.

Moving to the inside. Keyboard button, touchpad, up to the logo of Windows 7 and Intel Core i5 on the Acer Aspire S3 has a color similar to the body, silver.

Each of the keys are so comfortable, not noisy when used for typing quickly though. But unfortunately the 4-way arrow keys are too small. As for the touchpad, both right and left click buttons are integrated in it, so it takes a little adjustment so that no one dial.

Acer Aspire S3 also has a decent layout of ports raised thumb. Two USB ports and an HDMI port and charger port is placed in the rear, while on the left there is only 3.5 mm audio port and on the right there is a slot card reader. Such designs are proven to increase the comfort of its users.

More and more comfortable thanks to the hot exhaust air is put in the back and the screen Acer Aspire S3 could barely bend to 180 degrees. While in both hinges product has a solid metal material, enough to reduce anxiety in the user when to bend the screen width.

Moving to the bottom. Acer Aspire S3 uses 4 pieces of rubber as a booster to its body not in contact with the floor. Then placed on both sides of each with an internal speaker sound quality standard.

Then a very distinguished from most other laptops, the battery release lever is not found. Yes, the Acer Aspire unibodi S3 has a design that requires special handling when changing batteries.

Well, the appearance of the Acer Aspire S3 is evidently a new lure anyone who tasted it. Now is the time to test how fast this product to process the data.

Middle Class Performance
Acer Aspire S3 uses an Intel Core i5-2467M 1.60 GHz speed, a 'brain' that was designed for minimum energy use but still powerful.

When used to open the HTML 5-based websites, watching high definition videos, or the open office applications and image processing at the same time still be able to handle this product properly.

But do not think using this product to play a class game DiRT 3 or Assassins Creed. For Acer Aspire S3 was not designed for that purpose, but rather to the user who put the laptop battery saving and easy to carry around.

Quality of Picture and Sound
Acer Aspire S3 comes with a 13-inch screen with 1366 x 768 pixels, large enough if it is only used to process the document and the like. As for watching HD movies, although the screen is too small but it looks very good, the lighting look right with a fairly sharp detail.

Watching HD display on this notebook is also supported by Dolby-grade sound quality. Yes, in the left corner of the Acer Aspire S3 seen a post Dolby Home Theater, suggests this product already supports output technologies.

Whether it be music, movies or games will sound pretty kick through this laptop. Only need to use external speakers, while speakers in this product is only capable of producing improvised sound.

Some Highlight Features
Acer Aspire S3 mainstay born with two features that were created some excellent features such as, Instant On, long battery life, up to a variety of applications.

Instant On, as the name suggests, this product can be quickly used when in a position of 'asleep' or when the laptop is closed immediately. Approximately 2-3 seconds until the computer can be used. In addition the Aspire S3 is also capable of connecting to nearby Wi-Fi quickly, which is about 2-5 seconds

Aspire S3 is claimed to be used up to 7 hours non-stop, but according to experience, this product only lasted about 4 hours. Testing is done with a laptop in conditions online via Wi-fi, half a dozen tabs open in Firefox, type in notepad, and an embedded flash.

As for the application of this product is quite complete. There are already pre-installed McAfee Internet Security, Windows Live Essentials, Skype, Times Reader newsXpresso, Nook for PC, and some light gaming interesting.

Not to forget also entitled application made ​​by Acer, this application is useful for sharing files over Wi-Fi as well as optimize battery power source.

Judging from the shape, features, and specifications diusungnya Aspire S3 obviously targeting those users who want to appear simple. This product does have advantages in terms of design and light weight, but unfortunately the battery life does not fit as promised.

+ Attractive design
+ Light
+ Performance is quite good

- Battery not as promised

Acer Aspire S3 Specification
  • Processor: Intel ULV Core i5-2467M
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR3
  • Screen: 13.3 inch, 1366 x 768 pixels
  • VGA: Intel HD 3000 Graphic
  • Hard drive: 320 GB
  • Ports: HDMI, 2 x USB
  • Webcam: 1.3 MP
  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
  • Weight: 1.35 Kg