Monday, March 5, 2012

LG Optimus L3 Android, Small But Powerful

LG Optimus L3
LG plans to release a new product line in early 2012. Begins with Optimus L3, simple and powerful Android phone.

LG Optimus L3 try to offer the experience of an advanced smartphone in a tiny body, and therefore attractive design phone is equipped with reliable technology.

3.2 inch screen that carried the phone is claimed is ideal for 'trip' to social networking, surfing the internet or reading email. And with a capacity of 1500 mAh battery, Optimus promised L3 able to live longer than mobile phones in its class.

"We try to alw`ys give you different options to many smartphone users, and we think L3 Optimus offers all the basic benefits of a smartphone in a more premium packages in this category," Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications.

Quoted from androidcentral, Monday (05/03/2012), LG Optimus L3 will be launched at March 2012 in Europe. Then proceed to some other regions including Asia.

LG Optimus L3 Android, Small But Powerful

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